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Please contact me if you are interested in capturing your little one’s first breath and the moment’s that you will forever cherish!

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Frequently Asked Questions


1.    What is birth photography?

Birth photography is the art of capturing and documenting your unique birth experience! From laboring and delivering, to that first breath of your new child and the joy and emotion that you experience hearing their first cries. More than likely you will be so consumed with focusing on your birthing, that you will forget the little moments. Birth photography is a way to capture these memories forever.


2.    What is the investment involved with documenting a birth?

There are multiple packages based on the level you wish to invest. This is such a strangely beautiful time and so I try to be fair with my pricing for those that wish to have the experience, as well as the time and energy it takes for me as the photographer to deliver quality work. Please email me for package pricing


3.    What exactly is covered and documented?

No birth experience is alike, that’s what makes capturing it so special (for me as a photographer included)! I arrive at your birthing destination around 5-6cms, and I stay for 2-3 hours after your little one makes his/her debut.  I capture the emotion, the little details, the love and joy, and the introductions to family members, among others precious moments.


4.    When and how do I contact you when I am in labor?

I am “on call” for the two weeks before and after your due date; which means my phone ringer is always on and ready! I ask that you contact me with any sign of laboring (even in the middle of the night), it gives me a great heads up to get things organized and get the babysitters’ ready!


5.    What if I ask you to leave the room while laboring?

Your comfort and ease is most important to everyone during this time. If you feel stressed or need to take a break from me, LET ME KNOW! I do not take any offense to it; we never know how we are going to act until we are in a situation. I will quickly step out of the room and into the hall or waiting room until you ask me to come back in. Please keep in mind that if you ask me to step out I will miss capturing certain memories, there will be no refund or credits when asked to leave.


6.    What if the hospital doesn’t allow you in the room?

Before you book with me, please talk to your doctor/hospital! It is of upmost importance that you get the “go ahead” to have a photographer in the room. If you book with me and I show up only to have the hospital/doctor turn me away there will be no refund or credit. Please do not let this scare you, as long as you ask about hospital policies everything should be good to go!

7.    I want to keep my body private and off of the internet, is that okay?

Of course! Birth photography truly isn’t about me taking nude pictures of you. It is one of the most intimate times and I am so happy to be a part of it. I will only capture the “areas” you feel comfortable with.  If during your labor you change your mind on what you want me to capture, just let me know!


8.    What if I have a C-Section?

C-sections, planned or unplanned, are as beautiful of a story as vaginal birth.  If your scheduled c-section is after 8 am, I will be there to document the emotions and planning leading up to you entering your delivery room.  Usually you are allowed one person in there with you, but sometimes doctors have exceptions! Always ask, it can’t hurt, and bonus if they let me in the room with you!


9.    What if I go into early labor?

I am on call approximately three weeks surrounding your due date. If for some reason you go earlier than that, please let me know! More than likely I will be able to make it.


10. What happens if you can’t make the birth?

There are a number of reasons I may miss your birth, but I try to plan accordingly! If I am to miss your birth because you forget to let me know when you reach 5 cms, or if you progress faster than normal I will still come to the hospital and capture the memories following your newborn’s arrival. If I am sick, have a family emergency, or an act of God, I will do my best to send a backup photographer if that is your wish. If you do not want a backup photographer I will apply your investment as a credit to another photographic package, or a fresh 48 if available. During any and all situations it is up to my discretion if I apply credit.


11. What if there are birthing complications?

If there are health complications that you know of before you deliver, please fill me in. If complications arise during the birthing process I will consider a number of factors: If you wish for me to stay and continue to document, how severe I feel the situation is, and of course if the doctors asks me to leave.  I will always wait around outside until the situation settles and someone can update me. It is always a judgment call, and I will always respect your decision!

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