Beckham’s Birth {Magee Birth Pittsburgh Labor Delivery Photographers}

~After a long day and a surprise induction Mama decided late at night it was best for everyone if she were to just get an epidural and be able to rest up before bringing a new baby into her world. Even though the epidural didn’t work out completely, I’m so proud of her for knowing her STRENGTH to decide upon having the epidural. Every woman know’s her body and know’s whats best for them. (She already had a c-section birth, and a natural birth; I say she just wanted to bat the cycle!)

~This day we ended up having a crazy snow storm, and so when we opened up the window shade to let a little more light in, there was an awesome scene outside. Being from Texas, this was their first time delivering in Pittsburgh, and so I hope they remember the weather. Haha.

~This baby ended up being a surprise sex, they opted to wait until birth to find out. This baby has two big brothers at home waiting.  All night dad kept saying he would faint if it were a girl, and mama was excited and torn on what she wanted. When Beckham decided to come out full boy dad was super excited, and mom’s reaction was probably the best I could have expected. There was no sadness to see, her answer to him was simply, “I love you so much! Another boy! I thought I wanted a girl but I was so so so so wrong. You are what I want, another prince in my family.”  Loved that moment.  birthphotography birthphotography birthphotography birthphotography birthphotography birthphotography

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