Peter Joseph’s Birth Story- Midwife Center Pittsburgh PA

Some of you may know, or have at least realized, that I am venturing into birth photography. It has been something that has been on my mind and then because of a series of events I decided to reach out to some friends and just like that, I was on my way to documenting a handful of births. So far I have shot two within two days (whew), and fell in love with it. I am planning on mentoring with some great birth photographers across the states and really grow this part of my business. So if you know anyone who may want birth photography, have them reach out to me. Since I am still learning and building my portfolio I am having amazing deals, that will not last long!

Now to my actual birth photography style; I am natural and moody. I want to capture your birth story and not try to brighten and “pretty” it up. Let’s face it, birthing is HARD, INTENSE, INTIMATE, and not pretty haha. But it is so magical, and as a mother of three I know that I don’t remember much of it (except that I pushed hard, had a beautiful smushed baby, and had nurses pushing on my stomach a lot). I had my mother in the room with myself and my husband and she video recorded my births, something that I know I am sooooo happy to have! That is what birth photography is about. Capturing the work that makes you a mother, your baby as they enter your world, their first breath, your reactions, and the moments you miss or can’t see such as the weighing and measuring. My favorite part so far? Watching family members meet the new addition, and the love that fills the room and creates such a calm.

Obviously I wrote a book for this first birth post, but if you know me you know that I love to read, but hate to write. I don’t want to write novels for each birth and go into all details, the people that were there know what happened. So what I plan on doing is listing my three favorite moments during the birth, and hopefully attaching a picture to go along with it. So without further adieu…


Peter Joseph

1. I walk into the room to mom being checked and find out she is 10 cms. She says with a big smile, “Okay I think I’m ready to push.” No epidural, a room full of people, and she is smiling. You can tell she is a hypnobabies mom!

2. Peter’s two older sisters were in the room during the labor and were amazing. Not only were they calm and quiet, but the attention they showed to mom afterwards was heart melting. They stayed by her side and stroked her hair and snuggled up; pretty sure it was exactly what mom needed!

3. The biggest tear jerker was when Grandpa Pete found out that his newest grandchild was a boy, and that he was named after him!

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This birth was also attended by a fabulous doula, Amy Farr. If you are searching for a doula please reach out to her at You could see the love she had for this family, and the love they had for her!

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