Some editing tips {Photographers in Pittsburgh}

I’ve been emailed more than a handful of times asking what actions I use for editing. I always tell people 90% of the time I hand edit; I get the image I want just as I personally want it and it’s ALL MINE.

Now, saying that, I have bought actions before. And there are times where some of my favorite photographers put out actions for sale and my fingers start itching; but honestly, I have yet to buy an action set that I use with my business workflow. They usually just don’t work with my images and how I personally shoot. And frankly, they never look as good as the photographer who put them out (some secrets are meant to be kept right?)

For clients: if you book me, all of my images are hand edited to get what looks best; whether it’s maternity, newborn, or children sessions!

For aspiring photographers: Learn how to edit and use PS or LR. It’s what makes you unique.

Below are some examples of my SOOC images (straight out of camera), my hand edited copies, and copies of store-bought actions from others.

hand editing versus store bought actions pittsburgh photographer newborn hand editing versus store bought actions pittsburgh photographer


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